If you are on the look for sustainable and fashionable vintage clothing options, two girls from Sofia are here to help. Petya and Neli start their project in 2018 and call it SKRIN – the Bulgarian word for an old-timey dresser.

For the young and busy 20- and 30-something millennial, SKRIN is the marketplace that delivers an end-to-end experience for buying and selling pre-owned budget-friendly clothing while building a growing community of eco fashionistas.

How was SKRIN born?

SKRIN is a product of two passions – about fashion and environment. Wanting to increase recycling and upcycling in the fashion industry, SKRIN has dedicated their mission to finding new homes for pre-owned clothing. As they believe that every piece of clothing can bring joy to somebody, they are looking for the best way to buy and sell used clothing and help the environment.

SKRIN’s ultimate goal is to change the way the fashion industry works.

How do they do that? By creating a community around upcycling and reuse of clothing that supports eco-friendly living and enables fashion.

How does SKRIN work?

If you have loads of clothes that you have forgotten about, SKRIN takes over. They come to your place, help you select the clothes in good condition, and decide on their selling prices together with you.

SKRIN’s team photographs and uploads your pre-owned clothes to their online space and starts actively looking for new owners for them. Yes, you can also buy new pieces for your wardrobe from SKRIN and become part of the SKRIN movement.

When browsing through SKRIN, you can find both up-to-date trendy pieces and a wide selection of vintage clothing to go with your new Foxes.

For now, SKRIN is operating online with the ambition to expand towards a physical space with SKRIN Coffee&Clothes – meeting the need of eco fashionistas who prefer the traditional physical store. SKRIN Coffee&Clothes aims at becoming the ultimate meet-up location to catch up with friends, do some shopping, or even meet other fashion lovers.

Stay tuned for more news around SKRIN at www.skrin.bg or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.




Article by: Groovy Fox

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