Groovy Fox Shoes - feet with a beat -

Our love for swing dance and jazz music is what got us together.
It made us start our own small business, so we can share some of this love back with the community. And here we are. A few years down the line, we are doing our best to keep your feet with a beat… and with some high-quality footwear.
Because your feet deserve some loving!
– Mila and Georgi

Have you heard of the Bulgarian shoe-making craftsmanship?

…and have you heard of the crazy Bulgarian swing dancers?

Yes, both are a thing and they have come together to give you Groovy Fox Shoes – a brand dedicated to providing high quality, authentic and comfortable, yet affordable shoes to wear on and off the dance floor.

We are Mila and Georgi, passionate swing dancers and we were just looking to find a pair of shoes that would suit our dancing needs along with our aesthetic desires. At first, we didn’t realise that what we were looking for could come from our own country, although it seems so obvious now…


…after all, Bulgaria has long traditions when it comes to making shoes. From the small workshops in the beginning of the last century through the mass production of the planned economy to nowadays specialized small scale shoe-makers, the craft has been passed on from generation to generation, each one developing upon the skills of the last. Over the years, the techniques have been continuously developed, maintaining their competitive edge and now the quality of production and the materials used by local producers is considered to be of the highest European standards.

style, convenience and affordability

At Groovy Fox Shoes, we put a key focus on the core values of the community and the understanding that style is an inseparable part of vintage dance culture. We also believe that everyone should be able to afford stylish and elegant footwear to match their passion for vintage clothes and dance.

on and off the dance floor

Groovy Fox Shoes are made with only the best genuine leather, using beautiful combinations of nappa, suede and nubuck. Light and flexible materials are expertly chosen, with focus on durability and comfort. The simple designs we use for our models match the authentic feel of the 1930s’ and 1940s’ with a modern twist in their colour combinations and materials.

We bring you high-quality footwear inspired by vintage dance culture, perfect to wear on and off the dance floor.

Groovy Fox is for a ‘groovy’ feeling with a ‘foxy’ style.