Dear friends,
Everyone now feels the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has on our lives and businesses.

At Groovy Fox we believe that the only way to overcome the crisis is to support the efforts of governments and healthcare workers in order to bring the crisis to a sooner end.

We would like to express our solidarity with everyone affected and show our support to those that are at the forefront of the crisis.

You can support our healthcare workers!

You can learn more about the campaign here.

This time of the year we usually have our Spring sale of 20% discount. However, in light of those difficult times we are facing, we have decided to donate 10% of our income for the next month to the hospitals in need of supplies to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. In the same time we will still keep a 10% discount on all our products. 

By choosing our products, you will get the finest quality of shoes on a discounted price and in the same time support the fight against the pandemic.

Spring Sale 2020

Stay safe and help those in need!

* Proper sanitary precautions are observed whilst handling the packaging and shipping of your orders. 

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