What a year it has been! We traveled a lot and met so many inspired dancers and shoe enthusiasts. In total we visited 8 cities around Europe to present our foxes at local festivals. We sent our shoes to more than 25 countries, including China, Hong Kong, Australia, US, Canada and Japan. All the meanwhile we were listening to your feedback so we can bring the best customer experience and develop our shoes according to a dancer’s needs. So… as a result we have some new stuff to show you.

Our new collection of foxes.

To celebrate one year on the market we are introducing a new line of foxy shoes.

Meet the Smart Foxes – a derby shoe for the ladies. Suitable for all occasions on and off the dance floor. Elegant and comfortable flat model that comes in 5 different color combinations to match all styles and preferences. The heel is just 1.5 cm high which gives maximum comfort and balance.

Introducing new technologies.

Cushioning for the entire insole.

We put a great deal of focus on comfort. Our primary goal is to provide the most comfortable dance shoe out there. One that allows you to dance all night long without thinking about stopping or changing to sneakers after a few songs.

So, what it is that we introduce to make your feet feel at home. First of all, the insole. We are implementing innovative materials to soften the insole and give you a squashy feeling. For our new models we put a layer of shock absorption foam underneath the inner sole lining. There are a number of positive effects of wearing such insoles not only on comfort but also on posture, back pain and joints.

More flexible soles.

To increase the flexibility of our shoes and further improve the softness and reduce the negative effects of impact with the floor we are introducing a new technology. By cutting out a patch of the mid-sole and replacing it with a piece of soft synthetic foam we are considerably improving the flexibility of the sole and in the same time providing more softness in the forefront.

Nubuck outsole.

We opt for nubuck hard leather when it comes to our soles. Nubuck is made of the outer layer of the hide and is specially processed to give a fine grain and a velvet-like feeling. In the same time the nubuck leather is much stronger and thicker than suede which makes it very resistant to damages. Additional effect of using nubuck is that its texture gives just the right amount of slidy-ness when dancing.

For our Smart Foxes collection we also decided to make the sole of the heel half leather and half rubber to make them suitable both on and off the dance floor.

Recycled leather.

In addition, all leather used in the production of our shoes is recycled as a secondary by-product from the food processing industry.

The months ahead…

We are excited about what’s coming next. Further developing our brand and producing new models as well as restocking some of our previous collections is going to be our primary goal. Currently we are working on a new ladies collection and a fresh model for the gents.

Check out our event calendar because we are planning to visit some more festivals and meet you in person.

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Groovily yours,

Georgi and Mila from Groovy Fox

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