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Currier’s Ointment shoe wax

Cotton Waxed Shoelaces 60 cm 4,00 лв.

Currier’s Ointment shoe wax

7,00 лв.

The Currier’s ointment is a special leather shoe wax containing only natural ingredients. This high-quality product nourishes, protects and maintains leather-made products.
The ointment is made in Bulgaria according to an authentic recipe used by the old cobblers and leather masters.
It can be use on all kinds of leather products including shoes, clothes, bags etc. The currier’s ointment can only be applied on smooth leather products. It is not suitable for nubuk or suede part of your shoes.

Qty: 60 ml

Color: Natural
Ingredients: beeswax, paraffin, vegetable oils, duck’s fat, colophony.
Manufacturer: Ilon M OOD

Natural Black Brown
SKU: 19030
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We recommend treating your new shoes with the special shoe care wax before your first use and every now and then in order to maintain them in good shape. After you treat them initially, they will become more resistant to external damages. They will get softer and shape up to your feet easier.

However, you should bear in mind that swing dancing can make your shoes prone to scuffs and scratches and this can often be unavoidable. Our shoes are not bulletproof but if you follow the polish routine described below you can reduce the risk of getting severe damage on your new foxes.

Step 1: Grab the special ointment and apply a small amount on a clean soft cloth.

Step 2: Using the tip of your fingers to move the cloth apply a thin layer of the ointment doing circular moves.

Step 3: For best results wait for a day or two for the product to soak in and then polish with a soft brush or a woolen cloth.

Repeat the procedure every couple of weeks to maintain your shoes in good shape.

For a full article on shoe care check out this article on our blog page.

Additional information

Shoe Wax Color

Natural, Black, Brown

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